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Get Me Snacks

As a member of Heckin' Games, I am part of the Dev team for

Get Me Snacks, which was featured at EGX Rezzed 2019 and EGX Excel 2019.

I am the lead coder, and built the game in the Unity engine, using C#.
I also assisted with

the modelling and texturing of

the characters, notably the

main pigeon character. A record of the development of the game can be found here.

Get Me Snacks


Screenshot (31).png

Heckin' Games first game was a

VR bomb defusal game, designed with an emphasis on quick,

easily grasped gameplay mechanics and a distinctive, VR friendly aesthetic.
The final product, which was created in about 4 weeks as part

of a pseudo pitch, is a fully playable demo compatible with VR.

This was my first fully fledged project using my coding skills, and was created in the Unity game engine.

dfuze screenshot.png
In Case of Turtles

As part of a group, I took part in InkJam2020 on, which is a 3 day game jam focused around the use of Ink, a narrative scripting language. The game was created in Unity, and I created character sprites and background art, along with colour grading the game and assisting in the creation of the music.

In Case of Turtles

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