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I am a 3D artist based in the UK. I have experience in a variety of 3D software in both hard surface and organic modelling, as well as the texturing pipeline (Maya, ZBrush, Substance painter and 3D Coat). I also spend my free time creating 2D art, which is predominantly done in Photoshop.

I hold the lead coder role with the Heckin Games development team. Together, we are responsible for Get Me Snacks, which was presented at both EGX Rezzed 2019 at the tobacco docks, and EGX 2019 at the Excel Center in London.

I create games and art in as much a personal way as in a professional way. When I'm not making them I'm enjoying games as a leisure activity, and I find great joy in understanding what makes games as an art form so enjoyable.

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